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PGG Leadership Team


Chris Conneen – Founder and CEO

Being in the Hospitality & Pizza business for almost 30 years should speak volumes about my passion to serve others. Coming from a long line of very talented artist, I have inherited some very creative as well as innovative genes. I experienced the entrepreneurial seizure when I was 21 and have been on an incredible journey ever since.

My success is always contingent upon those who I surround myself with. Starting with my gorgeous wife of 16 years, 4 beautiful daughters, immediate family, partners, friends and wise counselors. I am truly Blessed!

  • Pizza & Hospitality Visionary
  • Servant Leader, Husband & Father, and Mentor.
  • Creative & Innovative Thinking, Problem Solving as well as Consulting. Restaurant Operations, Layout & Design, Sales, Branding, Marketing and Financing.



Mike Brennan – Chief Operating Officer



Jamie Meagher – Curator

Art and Design are my passion, I strive to produce fine art and graphic design that rely on composition and color as much as subject matter.
This passion along with a great concept and amazing product is what brought me to Pizza Gallery over 15 years ago. My wife and two daughters teach me something new every day as does the PGG team.

  • Social Media Curation
  • Fine Art Curation
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop


Ericka Heinly – Bar Manager/Event Specialist

Born February of 1986 in Cape Canaveral Florida. Raised in Melbourne helping my mother with her retail store from the age of 4. Began working for PGG as a take out girl at the Post road location during the summer of 2002. Started bartending at the age of 20, I love mixology and experimenting with different flavors and products. In addition to tending bar I am the Event Coordinator for PGG and Edible Art Catering. I love what I do and the team that supports me.The love and support from my mom, family, my fur baby Kelso and friends brighten my life every day!

I have been given great opportunities, knowledge and support working for pizza gallery and grill for over 10 years and love being apart of a growing business and am proud to be a part of the PGG family!


Karen Citino – Asst. General Manager / HR Director

Born and raised in a suburb of Syracuse New York, called DeWitt.Left the snow and cold 5 1/2 years ago for the Sunshine State.
I miss my wonderful family, great friends and supportive relatives. However, after starting at PGG 4 1/2 years ago, I have since gained a true second family.

Moves are tough, whether by choice, military requirement or for whatever reason.
It is what you make of it and it can really make you appreciate family that much more.
My families (first and second) are truly wonderful people in my life and will always cherish them, near and/or far.


James “Ivy” Iverson – Floor Manager

Born and raised in Aurora, Il home of Wayne’s World.  Moved to Florida in 1993 to get away from the cold winters and have never thought about moving back since.  Married in 1997 to Wendy, we have two awesome kids, Sabrina Sky (9) and Ethan James Duke (5).  Have been the “Jack of all trades” and master of none, but have found my current role at PGG as the most awarding.  I also run my own media business, Simple Media, which PGG helps me to hone my talent with many of the videos that you see on PGG’s Youtube page.

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